Summer of Magic Horses

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Summer of Magic Horses - Part two in a multi-book illustrated series written for Children ages 8-11, Published October 2007 by Trafford Publishers, Victoria BC, Canada. ISBN 1-4251-3012-7

Tina's indomitable spirit, beloved horse, and ever-present angel have helped her through a time of great adversity and now she is free to enjoy a few weeks away from home at Camp Tarigo. Bringing along her faithful horse, Dancer, Tina spends time riding and learning new horsemanship skills - but this is the least of what Tina learns while she is away at summer camp. From some unconventional (to say the least!) teachers Tina continues to learn the secrets of the universe, including the Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics. In a surprising twist, she forms an unexpected friendship that opens the door to animal communication. Her fascinating journey amazes and delights both Tina and her readers!

 "This is like "The Secret" and "What the Bleep Do We Know?" for kids! This is a charming continuation of the story of Tina and her journeys into metaphysics, the Law of Attraction, and how to understand the world and how we create it. In fact, the way these ideas are woven into the story even makes it a great guide for us older kids. Well done!"~Brad Yates, Speaker, Author and "EFT Wizard" ~

In Summer of Magic Horses, the main character, Tina, learns the new sport of riding and target shooting from horseback with (paint pellet for kids) six-guns. It’s called “Cowboy Mounted Shooting” – the fastest growing equine sport activity in the US.

Kimberly Wickham dressed for “Cowboy Mounted Shooting”

Photo by Don Jones

“Oh, no! Not that loud, silly, fast stuff again! And just when I was about to go have my nails done…” Eternal Summer (Cherry) preparing for Mounted Shooting training. She prefers the pasture.

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